Maze Rattan Reveals New Garden Furniture Tendencies

Undoubtedly, the garden furniture world is changing continuously. These days, more and more producers propose a series of new tendencies that impress us with their ergonomic shapes, incredible curves, abrupt edges, high quality materials, great technologies, and many others. Here, at Koru Rattan, we support modern furniture ideas in order to offer our customers some new and incredible creations. Our new Maze rattan garden furniture line provides different pieces, from which the most beautiful and comfortable ones are the rattan garden sun loungers.

Our garden sun loungers are made of a versatile material, known as weatherproof synthetic rattan. This material is great especially because it is resistant to different weather conditions, which range from heat to cold. Its UV resistance makes it the perfect choice for garden areas and sun rooms because its colours do not fade. The only maintenance task that rattan furniture set requires occasionally is washing with soapy water.

If you wish to supplement your garden with sun loungers, you should browse our collection of garden furniture. Our sun loungers are ready to caress your body while embellishing your surroundings with some remarkable designs and colours. Most sun lounger sets that we offer are complemented with coffee tables, which enhance their practical sense. These tables are hollow cubes with shelves for books and magazines. The sets also include cushions with washable covers.

The items that compose our sun lounger collection are simple yet very stylish. The latest models provide some great ergonomic lines, delivering as well a series of adjustable features for added comfort. A quite impressive aspect is that these loungers look great in almost any settings, including contemporary and conservatory options. A beautiful item that you should definitely consider is our Kansas Rattan Garden Sunlounger Set. It includes one coffee table, two lounger cushions, and two sun loungers with wheels. In conclusion, if your goal is to create a really trendy garden area, you must choose this state-of-the-art option.

Do You Want to Buy a Maze Rattan Garden Daybed? – Listen to Our Experts

Purchasing a rattan garden daybed for your garden is not as easy as it seems. For this reason, we do provide a special guide that can help you to get the appropriate product, which can meet all of your needs and demands. Our experts advise home owners to search for Maze rattan garden daybeds that guarantee a really good quality. Obviously if you are going to purchase furniture pieces from us, you can be sure of the fact that this aspect is completely covered since we provide only high-quality products.

Another important aspect that you need to consider before buying a daybed for your garden area is the way it looks. This thing has a lot to do with the ambiance that it creates. A dark-coloured daybed, such dark brown or black, can add more style to your garden area than a cream or beige furniture piece. On the other side, a white daybed that is really elegant can create a charmingly simple yet serene ambiance.

You must also take into account the utilitarian aspect of the daybed. If you love to indulge in the sun, you should opt for a canopy-free model. In case that you wish to have some protection from the sun, you can always choose a daybed with canopy or purchase an additional parasol.

Our experts also advise you to think about whether you will use the daybed alone or together with your spouse. This aspect may convince you to opt for specific furniture options, such as our Maze Rattan Winchester Love Seat and Footstool. This product is a wonderful daybed, which includes one footstool and one two-seater love seat with assorted cushions. This wonderful daybed is ideal for the couples who love to spend a lot of time in the garden, while indulging in the sun, relaxing or chatting.

Rediscover the Beauty of Conservatory Rattan Furniture

Here, at Koru Rattan, we offer a variety of conservatory furniture collections manufactured by Maze Rattan. We specialize in conservatory rattan furniture not only because these furniture pieces are beautiful but also because they can help people to create an amazing sanctuary of peace and relaxation. Rattan conservatory furniture is affordable, practical and reliable, offering home owners a great choice for furnishing a sun room, patio or garden area.

We love our conservatory Maze Rattan furniture pieces displayed on our website. The reason for this is that they can easily complement any garden settings. As well, these furniture pieces can add value to garden and patio areas, allowing people to play with different colours and styles. If you take the time to read our documentation about conservatory rattan furniture, you will understand that this option is one of the best alternatives that you can find these days.

Furthermore, similar to our other Maze outdoor furniture collections, our conservatory rattan pieces are made of weatherproof PVC rattan, which can withstand any weather conditions. This means that these furniture pieces are light and durable, requiring some small maintenance tasks. Additionally, these sets come along with some really comfy chairs that can easily convince you to spend a lot of time in your garden.

Our experts advise shoppers to purchase furniture sets that can be easily reassembled. These sets represent the best possible choice for someone who loves to change his or her garden setting occasionally. These days, there are various modern Maze Rattan furniture pieces that reinvent the conservatory style. Most of them are truly vivid, coming along with distinct angles, smooth lines, and incredible colours. If you are searching for a really beautiful rattan furniture set, which delivers the well-known conservator touch, we invite you to browse our extensive collection. The best possible product that suits almost any setting is our Maze Rattan barcelona Corner Group.

Experts Recommend Maze Rattan Four Seater Sets for Garden Areas

The diversity of rattan furniture sets, which are ready to complement different garden areas, is really impressive. These days, furniture producers deliver various pieces, which are meant to assist home owners in finding the best possible settings for their gardens.

At Koru Rattan, we offer different Maze Rattan Garden Furniture four seater sets made of PVC rattan. This material is a great choice for most outdoor settings especially because it is very durable, light, and stylish. Any of our Maze Rattan four seater furniture sets can sustain the efforts of those home owners who intend to create some beautiful, elegant, chic and even interesting garden settings, while enjoying the ultimate comfort and minimum maintenance. 

The Maze rattan four seater sets that we provide include both round or square tables with a variety of arm chairs. A really great thing is that we offer various alternatives, which allow customers to purchase cushions of different colours and extra chairs for certain combinations. These sets provide a variety of cutting-edge styles, which contribute to the ambiance that a home owner intends to create within a specific area.

The variety of models that we deliver is complemented by high quality. The four seater sets that we offer through out virtual platform are made of strong materials that will never crack, split, or fade. The frames, which sustain certain furniture structures, are made from lightweight yet strong materials, such as aluminium. This material is also coated with special substances that diminish the premature occurrence of different problems, including damage, corrosion, wearing and tearing.

On our website, you can find different popular sets that include round, cube, and L shapes. But, regardless of the shape you prefer, you must know that all our products are the ambassadors of exceptional styles and latest technologies, which define modern furniture. One of the most stylish sets that we warmly recommend is our Maze Rattan Texas round 4 seater dining set.

Rain won’t dampen the British sprit.

Despite the rain the Queens flotilla went off very well with over a million people standing in the rain to watch this historic event.  Here at Koru we had to be satisfied with watching the Queens celebrations on the television as we have been so busy with our Maze rattan garden furniture.  If we had time to add up the number of deliveries we have managed to achieve this week we will surely have broken all of our previous records.  

The phones have been ringing off the hook not only with new orders but also with customers checking that the goods are on schedule.  It is a great pity that so many of our customers will have received there rattan garden furniture only to be let down by the weather!  We had a street party in our street yesterday and despite the weather everyone turned up to try and enjoy themselves.  It was a bit of a wash out if the truth be told but nevertheless it was a good effort.

As far as the Maze Rattan is concerned the weather is not a concern.  If fact we had a customer telling us that the rain had washed off some of the dirt that had got onto her Maze rattan cube set.  When we dug a little deeper to find out what she was referring to she said that she had recently had some building work done and the table top was all dusty.  The down pour has cleaned it all off!  It is always nice to hear that not everyone is upset with the weather.  Having said that the same customer was calling to order a cube cover so I fancy she wished that she had already got the cover prior to the work commencing.

Maze rattan for the Jubilee?

The Queens Jubilee is fast aproaching and there is no better excuse to through a garden party. What better way to enjoy the sunshine than on one of Maze Rattan’s quality garden furniture suites. Here at Koru we stock all of the Maze Rattan garden furniture range and we are offering a guarantee to deliver before the Jubilee on all orders placed this week. We are pretty well stocked at the moment and can supply almost anything you require.

Current best sellers are the LA table and six chairs. Available as a rectangular table or the slightly more popular round table. Either way the set comes complete with six armchairs, six cushion pads, a glass topped dining table and a free parasol. Add to that the free delivery service and you are onto a winner!

Just check out our maze rattan garden furniture sale page to see a full range of offers that are available for delivery before the jubilee. I keep getting told that the sun is about to shine and that we are set for a good few weeks of much better weather. Here at Koru we will be welcoming the sun as it seems to have been a rather dreary summer so far. Hopefully the sun will come out soon and brighten up all our lives. Everything seems that bit better in the sun.

One thing you can garantee is that if the sun does come out there will be a clammer for the our Maze Rattan suites as lots of people will have been meaning to buy but not got round to it. The number of people that phone every week saying that they have been meaning to call but the weather has not been the best and they have been putting it off. This is fine if we can organise a delivery in time for their party but everyone is going to want their furniture before the Jubilee and it may not be possible to delivery to everyone! Therefore get in while you can, give us a call and place your order today.

More reasons why Koru Rattan has chosen to exclusively sell Maze Rattan.

My last blog explained the premier reason why Koru have chosen to supply only Maze Rattan garden furniture. In short it was due to quality. Here at Koru we aim for good quality products, good quality service and lastly good quality durability. The first two are obvious but the last one is also very important to us.

We want to make sure that our furniture is fit for purpose and able to withstand many years of use. In the case of Maze Rattan furniture we are sure that the build quality is up to the task as we have already had six year experience in selling it. The furniture is built around aluminum frames with colorfast UV resistant all weather rattan. This means that the rattan itself will not fade in the sun light and also means that the frames will not rust when exposed to the rain.

Apart from the quality of the furniture we also look to build up strong relationships with our suppliers so that we are able to supply their entire range at very short notice. We have a great understanding with the maze management and this has meant that we are able to stock their entire range for fast distribution.

Comfort is a big part of the equation when analyzing the products on offer and after sitting on numerous rattan chairs over the years we have again gone with Maze. We find the chairs to be the right shape and size for maximum comfort. These factors lead us to conclude that Maze is the right choice for us to supply and also the right choice for our customers to buy.

Why Koru Rattan loves Maze Rattan.

Why Does Koru Rattan love Maze Rattan?

Here at Koru rattan we are in the business of quality rattan garden furniture and with that in mind we have searched the market for the right supplier. We have viewed, sat on and evaluated every major supplier of rattan garden furniture and have found a clear winner. Maze rattan garden furniture is Koru’s choice of manufacturer.

There are many reasons behind our choice of Maze Rattan so I thought I would share with you some of the major reasons. My wife and I have been involved in the furniture business for more than 15 years and have experience in both the outdoor furniture and indoor furniture marketplace. The first thing we look for when we meet a new supplier is quality. Without the quality the price does not really matter. If the quality is poor then it really doesn’t matter how cheap the goods are as you will always have problems.

The one thing you simply can’t afford to have in any business but particularly an online business is problems. Online businesses are already tight on margins as there is lots of competition and your prices have to be very sharp for you to be competitive. Therefore if you have any problems you eat into any potential profit and then it becomes very difficult to trade. Therefore quality has to be maintained and checked on a regular basis. Maze rattan has stringent checks in place to ensure there quality is maintained. We have found Maze Rattan very helpful if problem has occurred and very quick to replace any faulty goods.

Thankfully the experience of the Maze Rattan buying team means that we don’t have anything like the problems that we hear about elsewhere in the marketplace. As Maze Rattans biggest online retailer we work very closely with the Maze management to ensure our quality is of the highest possible standard. My next blog will explain further why Maze products are the ones for us.

How do I keep my Maze Rattan Garden Furniture clean?

How do I keep my Maze Rattan Garden Furniture clean?

As you will be aware by now our Maze rattan garden furniture is all weather and withstands the rain and sun with equal ease.  That said you can’t stop a bit od dirt and general grime if the furniture is left outside all year round. Therefore a popular question we often hear is ‘how do I clean my rattan furniture?’

The answer to this is simple, hot soapy water and lots of elbow grease.  I would recommend that you firstly remove the excess dust with a small brush before beginning the real cleaning.  Hot soapy water will work just fine and a normal cloth is normally enough to remove most dirt.  If you find that you require a stiffer cloth then something like a scourer will be fine.

After you have scrubbed the offending area you can simply wash the soap off with fresh water and you are almost good to go.  Lastly you need to let the rattan dry off alittle before you can officially lie down and enjoy.

So to recap:

•    Prepare the rattan for the washing process by removing dust with a brush
•    Wipe surface of rattan with a soapy cloth or scourer.
•    Remove soap with fresh water or a hose.
•    Let furniture drip dry before climbing back on and having a well deserved rest