Ooh La La!

Ooh La La, Spring and summer evenings are times to be spent outdoors, so why not enjoy it in style with the Maze Rattan La Square 4 seater dining set.

When decorating your home it’s not just about fashion and trend but comfort
is a feature people look for while choosing things for their home. This dinning set
offers both these important features to you.

The look of the Maze Rattan La Square 4 seater dinning set is stylish but simple. The set
consist of four comfortable arm chairs with cushions, wide arm rests giving them plenty of space for comfortable seating. The square table with a glass top comes with an aluminum beige parasol making it a great set for summers.

Maze Rattan LA Square 4 Seater Dining Set

Maze Rattan LA Square 4 Seater Dining Set

Set Comprises of:
1 x LA square table
4 x LA arm chairs
4 x Beige seat pads
1 x Beige parasol with aluminum pole

Table: H:770 W:1000 D:1000
Chairs: H:960 W:650 D: 610mm

There is magic in Kingston

Our curvy Kingston Rattan sofa set is a stunning set, perfect for sipping an ice-cold Margarita in the garden & dreaming of being on a Jamaican beach.
Available in stylish black, brown or grey weave rattan this sofa set is maintenance-free and durable enough to be left outside all year round.
With a choice of Black, Brown or Grey/Blue cushions this set looks stunning inside or out.

The Kingston set comprises of a two seater sofa, 2 armchairs & coffee table in the following dimensions:

  • 2 –seater sofa H760 x W1320 x D710mm
  • Coffee table H380 x W990 x D500mm
  • Armchairs H760 x W750 x D710mm
  • The Benefits of Manuka

    Our Manuka Rattan Garden Sofa Set has become one of our most popular Rattan furniture sets due to its simplicity & it’s outstanding value for money.

    The benefits of this rattan set it that no assembly is required and it can be left outside 365 days of the year, without the worry of covering it.

    The Manuka Rattan Garden set is an excellent choice for alfresco entertaining and relaxation in your garden….. that’s why we love it!

    Manuka Rattan Garden Sofa Set

    Manuka Rattan Garden Sofa Set

    Set comprises of:
    1 x Two seater outdoor rattan sofa
    2 x Outdoor rattan arm chairs
    1 x Outdoor rattan coffee table including glass top

    All beige back and seat cushions are included.

    Sofa W1450 D750 H680mm
    Chair W740 D740 H680mm
    Coffee tableW1010 D510 H400mm

    Love is in the air!

    Our Maze Rattan Winchester love seat is definitely designed to impress.

    This sofa is constructed using aluminum casing and a comfortable five mm rod weave gives you a design built to last. The Rattan Winchester love seat offers full daybed seating with footstool and co-coordinating cushions making it a great rattan seat. Maze Rattan Winchester love seat and footstool

    This maintenance free set can be left outside for the whole year without the worry of getting a cover. The polyvinyl chloride rattan is hand-woven over a rust defiant casing giving the furniture more durability. Any dirt or dust can be cleaned using a power washer. The furniture is also UV light defiant to ensure there is no discoloration of the rattan.

    Set composition

    • 1 x 2-seater set with back and set cushions
    • 1 x footstool with cushions

    Our Rattan Winchester love seat is available in Champagne, with standard cushions. Cushions can be easily removed for washing. Optional parasols, covers, storage boxes and patio heaters can be purchased separately with us.


    v Winchester seat: L1730mm x W730mm

    v Side table: L1270mm x W660mm

    v Height back H700mm x 420mm

    Key features

    v Glass table top

    v Aluminum framing with PVC rattan

    v Five mm rod weave

    v 1 year warranty

    v Water resistant

    v UV light resistant

    v Weatherproof materials

    v Rust resistant

    v Maintenance free

    The Winchester garden wicker love seat can be utilized as conservatory furniture or an outdoor garden furniture set.

    Why buy this furniture?

    a)    All weather use

    b)    Easy to clean

    c)     UV light resistant

    d)    Durable PVC rattan material

    e)    100% recyclable

    If you are looking for a furniture set that will give you the utmost comfort and complete relaxation atmosphere, then our Rattan Winchester love seat may be the best option for you during the summer season.

    Gangnam Style is Good, but UK Has Got Its Own Style Icons

    In Only 10 hours after being released, the new Bond theme sung by Adele “Skyfall” has topped the iTunes chart, overtaking last week’s  number one, Gangnam Style. For me, this has proven that Bond and all things related to him have been in the heart of the people in London, especially when its narrative or lyrics talk a lot about relations to the country. The curiosity of how the song related to the context of the moves has contributed significantly to the growth of its polarity. Even the singer herself, Adele, said it was really one of her proudest moments of her life.

    Gangnam Style and K-Pop are not really Koru Rattan’s type of music if the truth be told.  That said my 4 and 6 year olds were jumping around the room the other day when they came on the TV.  I’m sure the South Korean population are lovin the fact that it is chart topping all over Europe.   But in London, there have been series of unforgettable milestones of achievement when dealing with arts and cultures. All the legends that we have – from the golden moment of Beatles, Queen till our living legend Rolling Stones; or from our best movies characters from James Bond, Sherlock Holmes to Harry Porter – continuously contribute proud moments for all of us through the generations.

    It’s hard to reach the top position, but it’s harder to maintain the achievement while keep on growing. Maze Rattan Furniture are also facing other challenges now, which we think as opportunity, to provide better service for all of our clients. While figuring out any feasible improvement, we remain focusing on maintaining the qualities that we already have in all variants of our rattan furniture products, among others:

    • Finest rattan products  and great models that you can be proud of
    • Great quality products that can be left outdoors years around
    • High on style and maintenance free
    • More comforts with available cushions, and parasol for the winter
    • Free delivery
    • Easy Purchase System

    Relax and unwind with Koru Rattan

    They say relaxation keeps a person sane and balanced. When things get a bit stressed in the workplace and when responsibilities seem too taxing and huge, Koru Rattan advise a nice lye down on one of our Maze Rattan Daybeds!  Seriously though time away from stressors and a moment in tune with nature is something which can provide the balance your body needs.

    Here at Koru, we do not only consider our furniture’s role as purely one of function.   By that I mean simply a place to sit or eat.  Our furniture should be a go to place to enjoy some personal time and maybe too soak up the sun a little.  You’ve got to give yourself the opportunity to ponder and rejuvenate your spirits with positive and joyful thoughts.  They say you can think yourself happy.  The general concept is that the unconscious mind is a very powerful thing.   Positive thoughts go a long way to making you a happy bunny!

    So when you take a seat or lay your entire body in our rattan daybeds with cozy cushions, we make sure you give not just your body a moment of rest but also your mind a time for peace.

    It is important that we find our own ways to make our minds, hearts, souls and bodies fit and healthy.  Provide yourself with that wonderful opportunity of rejuvenation through any of our rattan furniture sets designed to refurbish your spirits, minds and hearts with optimism.

    You may well need a bit of positive thinking to lye out on one of our rattan sun loungers at this time of year mind you!  It is currently pouring down with rain outside.  Maybe you’d be better advised to snap up a bargain now so that you have them in place when the sun comes bursting out again in the spring.

    Koru Rattan Furniture and the Art of Gold Making

    How to transfer common material into precious gold?  When the intended material is rattan, and the question is not meant literally, I can surely answer it: “Look what Maze Rattan do. Maze really knows how to transfer rattan into finest furniture that is as precious as gold.”

    I really have no doubt about this. Maze Rattan Furniture has got all requirements needed to produce finest furniture sets, among others:

    • The expertise to choose the best materials for the production, including the knowledge of the best price as well the best suppliers.
    • The expertise to design various models that will suit best customers’ needs
    • The expertise to run and supervise each phase of production processes
    • The expertise to do the coating and finishing
    •  The expertise and integrity to implement tight quality assurance
    • The expertise to do the packaging and delivery to beloved clients
    •  And the passion to really communicate with them.

    Only by knowing the very detail character of the materials, the detail benefit from any single part of the design, and mastering the detail know-how in processing, all these finest products can be delivered.  Above all, here at Koru we can interact with the end user and feed this invaluable information back to the the quality control over at Maze Rattan HQ.  Thanks to all of you for being helpful all these years!

    While having no doubt about the art of gold-making a la Maze Rattan Furniture, I found it hard to believe when I came across an article saying that a group of scientists from Michigan State University, including professor of microbiology and molecular genetics, claimed of having found their version of neo-alchemy way to turn common elements into 24 carat gold. They said they had discovered that tiny bugs, which is metal-tolerant bacteria Cupriavidus metallidurans, could grow on massive concentrations of gold chloride. In short, they could transform the toxic substance to produce gold nuggets. But that is science; it can always come with unpredicted surprises. They might just want to prove something for us that alchemists in the past might have really been into something, or that among gold found in the nature might have been created not by time and pressure only, but also by microbes.

    I am not a scientist, but I always give my thumbs-up for them, especially for their passion and dedication in contributing valuable finding, invention or discovery for the benefit of our civilizations. Here at Koru Rattan, we also share the same passion and dedication to be able to deliver finest products for you, including a great range of top quality rattan garden furniture ranging from rattan garden sofas, rattan loungers and rattan dining sets. All are made available in premium quality, enabling you to enjoy your golden moment.

    You have got to love all weather rattan!

    Here at Koru Rattan we love our products and hopefully this translates to our customers.  It’s very difficult to sell things that you don’t really like.  In our case we love our furniture and therefore have no trouble selling it!  If your looking for Maze Rattan furniture then here at Koru Rattan you can find the perfect combination of pieces to make your home and your garden complete.

    Large or Small?

    It does not matter if you are looking for something small that will accommodate a family of four or if you are looking for something a bit bigger. There is truly something for everyone in our Maze Rattan Furniture range.

    Round or Square?

    We have furniture in every shape, size, and color. When it comes right down to it, we have what you are looking for. Our pieces are meant to add beauty and comfort to your life. Let us help you relax in garden furniture or home furniture that looks as good as you do. Our prices are low, but our level of quality is hard to beat. Come check out all of the options that we can provide at our website. Let the incredible selection of Rattan Furniture we have on offer sweep you away.

    Koru Rattan – Here to help.

    Here at Koru Rattan, we take great pride in the selection that we offer. We want our customers to know that you can experience style and comfort in the same piece of furniture. Not every furniture store can offer the same great deals or the same level of quality that we can.

    We offer an extensive collection of Maze Rattan garden furniture. Our prices are hard to beat and so is the high standard of quality that we provide. Our garden pieces are one of a kind. The designs we carry are capable of adding a new level of beauty to your garden setting. There is nothing better than coming home at the end of a long stressful day at work to a beautiful picturesque garden setting to enjoy.

    Have a look around our website and hopefully we can help you create a stunning outdoor environment.  Check out this Maze Rattan Sofa Cube set.  All the style and functionality you could ask for.  The sofas pull out to reveal large footstools which have deep cushions and are perfect for extra guests.  If you’re on your own then put your feet up to enjoy the suite in proper comfort.

    If the Rattan Sofa Cube is not your thing then try our rattan sale page for all the best deals!

    2012: the Year of Triumph. Can Koru get in on the success?

    “London 2012 was remarkable success story, and it belongs to everyone…” I quote the sentence from an article published by the Guardian. The sentence was addressed by secretary at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport Jonathan Stephens when speaking about the success of the Olympic 2012.  In his opinion, the Olympic has illustrated the best of civil service leadership, flexibility and commitment where around 20 government department have also worked together with volunteers, companies, athletes, media and all stakeholders to deliver the games successfully.

    In another article published earlier, deputy director of communication for government Olympic communication Sarah Jones also regarded the Olympic 2012 as the moment of triumph. It was the digital triumph, she said, as saying that the runaway success for the game was down to collaborative government communications carried out long before the event.

    This year has also become a triumphant year for Koru Rattan as we have successfully launched our Maze Rattan Furniture website.  No gold medals yet but we have high hopes for award winning service in the coming years.

    We are really grateful for the outstanding progress we have made and hope that you agree that the website is looking pretty good?  Check out our Maze Rattan Large Cube and 6 Footstools for instance.  With its all weather synthetic rattan, this set is very versatile and resistant to extremes of heat. It is also UV light resistant to ensure that the colored rattan does not fade. With this rattan cube set the chairs are hinged to enable the back to be raised when seated and folds down to enable the chairs to fit neatly under the table. This rattan garden furniture, which is available in brown and black, is bang on-trend this year.

    Well, I do hope 2012 is also the year of your triumph!