Gangnam Style is Good, but UK Has Got Its Own Style Icons

In Only 10 hours after being released, the new Bond theme sung by Adele “Skyfall” has topped the iTunes chart, overtaking last week’s  number one, Gangnam Style. For me, this has proven that Bond and all things related to him have been in the heart of the people in London, especially when its narrative or lyrics talk a lot about relations to the country. The curiosity of how the song related to the context of the moves has contributed significantly to the growth of its polarity. Even the singer herself, Adele, said it was really one of her proudest moments of her life.

Gangnam Style and K-Pop are not really Koru Rattan’s type of music if the truth be told.  That said my 4 and 6 year olds were jumping around the room the other day when they came on the TV.  I’m sure the South Korean population are lovin the fact that it is chart topping all over Europe.   But in London, there have been series of unforgettable milestones of achievement when dealing with arts and cultures. All the legends that we have – from the golden moment of Beatles, Queen till our living legend Rolling Stones; or from our best movies characters from James Bond, Sherlock Holmes to Harry Porter – continuously contribute proud moments for all of us through the generations.

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