Koru Rattan Furniture: A Mission to Mars.

They say that curiosity killed the cat but at NASA they are determined to go beyond curiosity in an attempt to discover more about the planet Mars.

The ‘Curiosity Rover’ sent by NASA to make investigations of the life in Mars has recently discovered evidence that the planet has flowing water in the past. The robot was able to take pictures of the sand and gravel that formed the rocks which scientists believed have been eroded and transported by water. The jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA has detected that the rocks have been existing for several billion years already and that show evidence of being cut by flowing liquid.

At present, NASA scientists are studying the imprints left on the pebbles from the eroded rocks. The shapes and sizes will provide hints on the distance and speed of the water flow that might have been existent on the planet many years ago. The large slab which was captured by the rover is named Hottah referring to a lake located in the northwest territories of Canada.

Koru Rattan furniture need not have traces of the past physically but they have the ability to contain memories in which they have been part of. Standing the tests of time and the challenges of changing weathers, Maze rattan sets can go a long way and become discreet witnesses of family gatherings, special occasions and romantic moments. Because they are made to last a lifetime, the rattan sets are made to embody certain specific events which does not require any scientific rover to detect but a heart and mind that longs for that moment to happen once more.

Memories of the past are important for man to appreciate the present and anticipate the future. Koru takes pride of its being a part of family memoirs that have been engraved on its clients’ mind which could not be eroded by any strong wind or harsh rains.

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