Koru Rattan Furniture and the Art of Gold Making

How to transfer common material into precious gold?  When the intended material is rattan, and the question is not meant literally, I can surely answer it: “Look what Maze Rattan do. Maze really knows how to transfer rattan into finest furniture that is as precious as gold.”

I really have no doubt about this. Maze Rattan Furniture has got all requirements needed to produce finest furniture sets, among others:

  • The expertise to choose the best materials for the production, including the knowledge of the best price as well the best suppliers.
  • The expertise to design various models that will suit best customers’ needs
  • The expertise to run and supervise each phase of production processes
  • The expertise to do the coating and finishing
  •  The expertise and integrity to implement tight quality assurance
  • The expertise to do the packaging and delivery to beloved clients
  •  And the passion to really communicate with them.

Only by knowing the very detail character of the materials, the detail benefit from any single part of the design, and mastering the detail know-how in processing, all these finest products can be delivered.  Above all, here at Koru we can interact with the end user and feed this invaluable information back to the the quality control over at Maze Rattan HQ.  Thanks to all of you for being helpful all these years!

While having no doubt about the art of gold-making a la Maze Rattan Furniture, I found it hard to believe when I came across an article saying that a group of scientists from Michigan State University, including professor of microbiology and molecular genetics, claimed of having found their version of neo-alchemy way to turn common elements into 24 carat gold. They said they had discovered that tiny bugs, which is metal-tolerant bacteria Cupriavidus metallidurans, could grow on massive concentrations of gold chloride. In short, they could transform the toxic substance to produce gold nuggets. But that is science; it can always come with unpredicted surprises. They might just want to prove something for us that alchemists in the past might have really been into something, or that among gold found in the nature might have been created not by time and pressure only, but also by microbes.

I am not a scientist, but I always give my thumbs-up for them, especially for their passion and dedication in contributing valuable finding, invention or discovery for the benefit of our civilizations. Here at Koru Rattan, we also share the same passion and dedication to be able to deliver finest products for you, including a great range of top quality rattan garden furniture ranging from rattan garden sofas, rattan loungers and rattan dining sets. All are made available in premium quality, enabling you to enjoy your golden moment.