Enjoying the Summer of sport from the Garden

What a summer of sport!  No sooner did the Euro 2012 finish than we were onto the Cricket, Olympics, Paralympics and then the US Open win from Murray.  Now we are back on World Cup qualifiers!  I love sport but my wife will through me out if I watch anymore.  Luckily we have had the garden furniture to take away some of the stress.  I watch the sport and my Wife reads her booking the garden.  In all fairness it has not exactly been a summer that has seen a lot of lounging weather so it’s no wonder she is sick of all the sport.

When I say garden furniture, I am particularly referring to that most comfortable piece of furniture, the Rattan Lounger. The loungers from Maze Rattan have a lot going for them.
For starters, the material that is used in making these garden sun loungers is made from rattan that is completely synthetic. Another feather in its cap is its weatherproof nature. The decision of buying a particular piece of garden furniture becomes a lot easier if it is resistant to weather changes. The Rattan lounger scores highly in this aspect. The lounger is quite resistive to excess heat. It also possesses protection against UV light to ensure the durability of the rattan’s colour.

A lounger should ideally be light to carry, low on maintenance and of course, have a long life. The lounger fits each of those criterions perfectly and does not leave you with much to complain about. Only thing to remember is to bring inside any cushions or the likes. Those too are pretty easy to wash or clean if they are protected with zipped covers. People worried about the wet British summers need not worry about the durability of these Rattan loungers. The frames used on them are rust proof.

Sure the summer of sport may be drawing to a close, but if you need a sporting reason to buy a pair of Maze Rattan Sun Loungers then remember that the World cup qualifiers are just beginning!