2012: the Year of Triumph. Can Koru get in on the success?

“London 2012 was remarkable success story, and it belongs to everyone…” I quote the sentence from an article published by the Guardian. The sentence was addressed by secretary at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport Jonathan Stephens when speaking about the success of the Olympic 2012.  In his opinion, the Olympic has illustrated the best of civil service leadership, flexibility and commitment where around 20 government department have also worked together with volunteers, companies, athletes, media and all stakeholders to deliver the games successfully.

In another article published earlier, deputy director of communication for government Olympic communication Sarah Jones also regarded the Olympic 2012 as the moment of triumph. It was the digital triumph, she said, as saying that the runaway success for the game was down to collaborative government communications carried out long before the event.

This year has also become a triumphant year for Koru Rattan as we have successfully launched our Maze Rattan Furniture website.  No gold medals yet but we have high hopes for award winning service in the coming years.

We are really grateful for the outstanding progress we have made and hope that you agree that the website is looking pretty good?  Check out our Maze Rattan Large Cube and 6 Footstools for instance.  With its all weather synthetic rattan, this set is very versatile and resistant to extremes of heat. It is also UV light resistant to ensure that the colored rattan does not fade. With this rattan cube set the chairs are hinged to enable the back to be raised when seated and folds down to enable the chairs to fit neatly under the table. This rattan garden furniture, which is available in brown and black, is bang on-trend this year.

Well, I do hope 2012 is also the year of your triumph!